Thursday, 6 June 2013



Prevention services
  • En-roll new female and male sex workers to the clinic system
  •  Ensure smooth mobilization of sex workers
  •  Educate sex workers on health matters
  • To ensure referrals of M.S.M’s are made
  • Ensure smooth distribution of condoms to the sex workers through peer educators
  • Verify data given  by the peer educators and ensure timely submission
  • Ensure outreach workers are supervising the peer educators
  • Ensure  that hot spots are allocated to peer educator and outreach workers

Clinical services
  •  Information on safer sex practices
  •  Condom information, demonstration on use and provision.
  • HIV testing and counseling (PICT)
  •  STI screening and treatment
  •  Risk reduction counseling services
  •  ARV and HIV basic care
  • Family planning information and provision
  • TB screening and referral
  •  PEP and emergency contraceptive provision 
  •   Psychosocial support and referral

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